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Welcome to Mama Nava Shop. We are so delighted that you have visited our website, it means a lot to us. Mama Nava Shop specialises in selling unique gifts online at competitive prices. We provide dedicated online shopping experiences for our customers all around the world. For our customers in Australia and the Asia Pacific we have mamanavashop.com.au, for our British customers we have mamanavashop.co.uk, for our American customers we have mamanavashop.us and for our Canadian customers, we have mamanavashop.ca. However, anyone in any part of the world can shop on any of the Mama Nava Shop websites if they don’t mind the currency exchange, shipping time and the cost of distance phone calls to our overseas customer service.

Our Customers

Apart from the conform and enjoyment of shopping online that Mama Nava Shop provides, you will also see more great items to purchase which you would not remember or think of in the first place. We have a lot of useful and enjoyable items that are often on sale each season.

Vision and mission statement

Our mission is to provide the most enjoyable shopping online shopping experience, great products, great customer services and fastest shipping for our customers where ever they are in the world.

Our values

We value our customers’ joy and happiness which comes from a great online shopping experience and the joy of receiving the desired products we sell on Mama Nava Shop.


We spend a countless number of hours finding the perfect products worldwide for our customers’ delight.

What makes us different?

We care for our customers personally as they come first before any profits we may make.

Nava’s Story

Mama Nava is a brave and courageous woman, mother, wife and a community leader who migrated to Australia in 2003 with her husband and seven children. She had to learn to speak English better and struggled to find employment and which made it difficult for her to re-settle in her new country. After more than fourteen years, Nava now has nearly ten grandchildren and is more settled in Australia.

We are a proud Australian migrant small business doing our part for the country in ways including:

For the Australian Economy

  • To increase Australia’s economic productivity
  • To increase consumer products availability, quality, affordability, delivery and customer satisfaction in Australia
  • Employ more workers
  • Donate to charitable causes
  • Pay taxes to the Australian Tax Office which assist in increasing the Australian living standard by providing better infrastructure and public services.

For mama Nava’s Family and Friends

  • Own a family home
  • Own a family vehicle
  • Provide the best education for our family
  • Provide better Christmas gifts to family and friends
  • Take our family holiday vacation
  • Provide better celebration parties

Thank you again for being part of our great Australian dream journey.

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